AutoExpress Riverside

AutoExpress Riverside


         AutoXP owns a stand-alone quick lube/repair shop in the City of Riverside, in which you can get professional yet inexpensive oil change and full-service auto repair services.
        We provide a wide range of oil / fluid to meet various demands of both foreign and domestic vehicles:
        - Synthetic blend oil
        - High-mileage oil
        - Full Synthetic oil
        - Customer's own oil
        - ATF Transmission oil
        - Coolant
        - Windshield washer fluid

        We also provide flushing services, such as:
        - AC recharging
        - Radiator flush
        - Transmission flush
        - Power steering flush
        - Brake system flush
        - Fuel system cleaning
        - Differential service

        We also provides various parts / accessories such as:
        - Air filter
        - Cabin filter
        - Fuel filter
        - Windshield wipers
        - Various additives, etc.
            Other value-added service we provide includes:
            - Free inspection
            - Free alignment check
            - Tire rotation, etc.

            For more information, please call us by:
                (951) 351-8875

    "Pure and Clean!"